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rdf:type qkg:Mention
so:text I am the one to whom you wrote in care of the Belgian Academy... Read no newspapers, try to find a few friends who think as you do, read the wonderful writers of earlier times, Kant, Goethe, Lessing, and the classics of other lands, and enjoy the natural beauties of Munich's surroundings. Make believe all the time that you are living, so to speak, on Mars among alien creatures and blot out any deeper interest in the actions of those creatures. Make friends with a few animals. Then you will become a cheerful man once more and nothing will be able to trouble you. Bear in mind that those who are finer and nobler are always alone — and necessarily so — and that because of this they can enjoy the purity of their own atmosphere. I shake your hand in heartfelt comradeship, E. (en)
so:description Attributed in posthumous publications (en)
so:description Albert Einstein: The Human Side (1979) (en)
qkg:hasContext qkg:Context251975
qkg:hasContext qkg:Context251974
qkg:hasContext qkg:Context251973
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