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rdf:type qkg:Mention
so:text Certainly there are things worth believing. I believe in the brotherhood of man and in personal originality. But if you asked me to prove what I believe, I couldn't. You can spend your whole life trying to prove what you believe; you may hunt for reasons, but it will all be in vain. Yet our beliefs are like our existence; they are facts. If you don't yet know what to believe in, then try to learn what you feel and desire. (en)
so:description Einstein and the Poet (1983) (en)
so:description Attributed in posthumous publications (en)
qkg:hasContext qkg:Context259276
qkg:hasContext qkg:Context259275
qkg:hasContext qkg:Context259274
Property Object

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qkg:Quotation498608 qkg:hasMention
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